The Centre for the Development of the Gifted and Talented, HKUST was established in 2010 and has been dedicating in nurturing gifted students through provision of diversified study programs in a systematic pathway, in science subjects, engineering and mathematics. We also attend to the developmental needs of gifted students.

Nevertheless, the gifted community still remains largely an unknown group to the general public. Also, challenges for gifted students, parents and teachers may be similar but they vary in different school environments. Hence, we are launching the pilot “Project FIRE: Ignite the Gifted” in September 2018, adapting a school-based approach with a core mission to provide them with tailor-made training and support services.

We will partner with several seed schools in this pilot run of the Project in the coming academic year. Looking forward, we wish to connect other schools for exchange, inspiration and mutual support, with a vision of building a strong gifted community network.

Project highlights

  • Core Items
    • School-based Teacher Training and Support
    • School-based Parent Education and Support
    • Assist in forming a Teacher Network
  • Special Support Items
    • Individual consultation / Counseling services
    • Build up a Parent Support Group
    • Gifted students’ (social emotional education) learning activity

Flyer of Project FIRE

Kick-off Ceremony Cum Seminar (Walk-in application is available)

Date 21 Sep 2018 (Friday)
Time 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
Venue Hong Kong Space Museum, Lecture Hall
Language Cantonese
  1. Kick-off - Project FIRE: Ignite the Gifted
  2. -  Prof. King L CHOW (Director, CDGT)
    • Introduction of CDGT
    • Introduction of Project FIRE and the team
  3. Seminar: “What the Talented says about Talent …”
  4. - Dr. Bonnie SO (PhD in Communication and Information Sciences)
    • From information to understanding – what is going on in a talented/gifted mind?
    • With quotes from the talented/gifted in history, audience can experience sensory integration and be inspired to interact with speakers
Online Registration Closed